Rooted in our love for people and our work, we founded Friday Health with a common goal of improving the lives of others and the world we live in. We believe that healthy people make for a healthy planet, and at Friday Health that’s what matters most.

Naturopathic medicine at FridayHealth clinic
Naturopathic Medicine

A distinct health care profession that combines the wisdom of nature with the rigors of modern medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a time-honored healthcare system that has been practiced for centuries in China.

Regenerative Injection Therapy

Harnesses the power within your own body to promote regenerative healing of connective tissues.

Lab Services

Lab services includes Intravenous & Intramuscular Nutrient Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Shockwave Therapy and Laser Therapy.

Acupuncture is a safe and natural treatment that is an effective therapy for a wide variety of health conditions.

A hands-on approach to assess, treat, and prevent injury by improving structural alignment, circulation, & the body’s natural healing ability.

Aesthetic medicine services include Neuromodulators (Dysport Cosmetic), PRP Hair Restoration, PRP Skin Rejuvenation & Micro-needling.

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